Manga Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui

Strawberry in Soda Water / いちごの入ったソーダ水

Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui

Summary Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui

Mannenrou Ladies’ Academy is famous for its upper class and posh students. Despite knowing how out-of-place she’d be, the former yankee, Hanaizumi Luna, decides to enroll there. Moreover, according to her underling: “Girls’ schools means yuri!! Add in school dormitories? Now that’s a world of girl on girl action!!“ And with those words in mind, Luna’s new school life begins with a rough start. And how exactly will her relationship develop with her socially inept roommate, Miyota Kohime...?




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Ichigo no Haitta Soda-sui


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