Manga Last night I got laid by my 'sexual' guardian'

Last night I got laid by my 'sexual' guardian'

Summary Last night I got laid by my 'sexual' guardian'

My name's Ichika. My parents both died when I was really little and left me all alone. In place of my parents I started to live with my father's best friend Shohei. He was always strict about who I hung out with and my curfew but I started to love my legal guardian. One night out of the blue Shohei went out drinking. He came home with messed up hair and almost looked like a different person. He took one look at me and said “You should just be mine forever.”You really want me, right? As a woman?YearOftheFox: If there any new releases, Patachok will upload this manga on Bato, if there any new releases. We wish for no sabotage on the manga while not abandon the readers Whoever wants to upload manga, can pick your own, the new ones from various digital websites.Not incest




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Last night I got laid by my 'sexual' guardian'







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