Manga Mahou? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da!

Magic? Muscle is Stronger! / 魔法?そんなことより筋肉だ!

Mahou? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da!

Summary Mahou? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da!

There was a youth who lived deep inside a Forest, his name was Yuri. After he trained his body for long, he achieved a special trait which made his body able to withstand almost every kind of magic. One day, there was a beautiful elf named Firia, who got lost and arrived at his house. Yuri, who was attracted to see the world, together with Firia, they set out on a journey around the world. “Yuri-san, can you use magic?” “Of course I can. It’s called muscle magic.” “…what, is that?” “In exchange of magical energy, I use my muscles to emit a powerful magic.” “That isn’t magic but simply a feat of strength.” This is the tale of a youth who chose to polish his muscles and journey around the world together with a peerless beautiful elf.




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Mahou? Sonna Koto yori Kinniku da!


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