Manga Neburare Ai -Docchi no Moono ga ii?-

Tainted Love -Which Would You Choose?-

Neburare Ai -Docchi no Moono ga ii?-

Summary Neburare Ai -Docchi no Moono ga ii?-

Masaki's parents passed away when he was young, and he's been my little brother ever since. He's always been precious to me, and before I knew it, we became star-crossed lovers... While we're not blood-related, we can't tell anyone about us... Especially our parents. But, my mom has been getting suspicious... So, as a cover for my relationship with Masaki, I got a boyfriend: Taiyou, my boss and Masaki's friend from high school. For the sake of my brother, I'll take advantage of his feelings for me...!Support the author and renta by buying a chapter or more!




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Neburare Ai -Docchi no Moono ga ii?-







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