Manga Torokeru hodo ni kamaretai

とろけるほどに咬まれたい / Bitten Till I Melt

Torokeru hodo ni kamaretai

Summary Torokeru hodo ni kamaretai

It's been six years since Takeshi (alpha) and Yoshihisa (omega) have been dating. Even though they have a sweet life together, it doesn't look like the serious Takeshi wants to become a pair with Yoshihisa. Maybe he doesn't bite me because we're not a 'destiny pair.' Yoshihisa is so worried about Takeshi's destiny pair that he forgets to take his heat suppressant pills and becomes consumed with a very strong heat. The heat is so uncontrollable, the two forget to use contraception and make meltingly passionate love... An omegaverse love story controlled by destiny! Also included is a story about an office worker and a genius D.J. Includes Renta!-only pages.




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Torokeru hodo ni kamaretai








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